26 Feb 2021
Coming Soon: GESS Games 2021

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Brace yourselves, dear Sportsfreunde! In the sad absence of ACSIS interscholastic competitions, we will start a CCA-internal sports tournament series called "The GESS Games". Tournaments in football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, touch, swimming, cross country and table tennis are on the agenda, as we aim to kick things off in mid-March with the following competitions:

  • Volleyball Mixed Gr. 6-8
  • Volleyball Mixed Gr. 9-12
  • Badminton Mixed Gr. 6-8
  • Badminton Mixed Gr. 9-12
  • Football Boys Gr. 4-5
  • Football Boys Gr. 6-8
  • Basketball Mixed Gr. 4-5
  • Basketball Boys Gr. 6-8

More tournaments to follow in May and June. As part of the GESS Games, some once-off events will take place as well:

  • Swimming (Secondary School Championships) on Wed, 17 March
  • Swimming (Junior School Championships) on Tue, 27 April
  • Cross Country Championships (Date TBD)
  • Table Tennis Championships (Date TBD)

Stay tuned for more updates very soon!