18 Sep 2020

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Recently we became partners with ALBA BERLIN - one of the most prestigious franchises in European basketball - and it looks like the GESS Lynx wanted in on all the fun! So here is our Lynx with the ALBA BERLIN jersey and some of our GESS basketballers who are thrilled by the partnership and the possibilities it brings.

And who wouldn't be? ALBA is the reigning champion in Germany with 9 German Championships and 10 German Cup titles. Our GESS basketballers will now get to participate in annual tournaments and workshops supported by ALBA BERLIN, and even regular class trip visits to Berlin are on the agenda. Thanks ALBA BERLIN for sharing the passion for the sport with us!

Read all about the partnership here:

Link: https://news.gess.link/2020/08/27/news-gess-partnerships/