23 Sep 2019
Volleyball Teams Going Strong (Sports Report #2)

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Badminton: In recent years, our 14U boys have competed consistently well until they finally managed to get promoted to a higher division last year. The competition is tough now and yet, they still seem to not let go of the success streak, winning their debut match against Australian School in convincing fashion (5-0). The 12U boys team had a bit of an unlucky start, losing a close-fought first match against UWC Dover (2-3).

Football: Mr. Haze gave our outdoor athletes a hard time last week and a few of the football games had to be rescheduled. Only the 19U boys could play, facing a difficult start with two very tough opponents. They lost against championship contender Singapore American School (2-5) but managed to draw an exciting match-up against Tanglin Trust (1-1).

Volleyball: Our girls’ teams delivered a perfect season start, winning three out of three games in their leagues. It was particularly impressive to see the 16U girls getting into a groove in their first two encounters against UWC (3-1) and Canadian School (3-0). Way to go, ladies! Our 19U boys fought extremely well but suffered two close defeats against the Canadians and SAS (both 1-3).