18 Sep 2019
ACSIS Season 1 Start (Sports Report #1)

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Volleyball: It was a vibrant atmosphere at GESS Sports Hall, when our 19U girls welcomed UWC East for the first match of the season. Team GESS delighted with outstanding team spirit and smart volleyball plays, winning the game in straight sets. The boys had a tough first opponent, facing Stamford American in Division 1. They fought well but could not quite gain the upper hand.

Badminton: It’s easy to underestimate our 14U girls’ team this year as they are, on average, quite a lot younger than their opponents. They do, however, possess some fierce badminton skills and meeting them on the court will not be a pleasure to anyone this year. The first match of the year against Dulwich College was a real nailbiter, with one of the games being decided by “sudden death point”. Eventually, the girls lost 2:3, disappointed yet safe in the knowledge that they can indeed compete on this level.

Football: Our “senior” teams started into Season 1 with test games against Canadian School. The results (5:1 win for the 19U girls, 2:3 defeat by the boys) are not worth a penny at this point but the games provided valuable first insights for the coaches.